Psychotherapeutic Counselling 
Trauma Therapy
Clinical Hynotherapy


Heather Mason

I am an experienced and qualified counsellor registered with the BACP. 

My journey to becoming a counsellor has no doubt been shaped in part by degree in psychology in my twenties, and in part by my fine art training and film theory training in the my forties, but in reality it's my life experience in total which has been the largest influence. I have lived abroad in Europe, which was enriching in some ways and traumatic in other ways. I have lost a baby. I have suffered with chronic health conditions and so have my children.


My background is mostly academic, so I read and research and prefer an evidence based approach. Equally, I am sensitive to the world, the environmental and nature, which I relate to in a wholistic and spiritual way. I love to walk and do so daily. 

I love to learn, and have undertaken specialist training in psychological trauma and worked until recently with sexual assault, rape and sexual abuse at RASASC in Guildford.


I also have a recognised qualification in hypnotherapy.


I offer counselling for adults on a short term or long term basis for common life problems and more complex mental health issues. 




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