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How might counselling help?

As human beings we are all vulnerable to emotional discomfort in our lives. Sometimes the cause may be obvious, for instance a bereavement or relationship breakdown; other times the cause may be less obvious and there may be a sense of a gnawing dissatisfaction with our lives. It's also possible we might be finding it just too difficult to cope with what we've got on our plate, or maybe we are carrying difficult memories from the past. As we are all individuals, there is no one set of criteria for seeking counselling, and when we do, we are never weak for doing so, in fact quite the opposite. Counselling can help with our mental health and emotional resilience in many ways, some examples are: increasing our self-esteem; raising our awareness of our boundaries; understanding our emotions; helping us cope with change; making decision easier; helping us identify and reach our life goals, helping us cope with work related stress, understanding unhelpful behaviours, helping us understand others; helping us cope with loss; helping us accept ourselves and whatever history we have experienced.