Online and Remote Therapy

As of June 2020, I have been working with Zoom for my sessions with clients throughout lockdown with encouraging success. I was ambivalent and hesitant about the move to online working as lockdown began, but I am now excited about this new way of working, as it is not so different from working face to face and there are actually many advantages.

If you are familiar with online work on Zoom or Skype or Microsoft Teams then you may be more comfortable working in this way to do your therapy. I want to reassure you, that whether you have experience connecting to others in this way or not, the therapy can be and often is, just as effective as face to face. It is necessary though that you have a private and confidential space to do Zoom sessions wherever you are, and you have a relatively stable internet connection. You can use your phone to connect if you have the Zoom app downloaded.

The alternative is working by telephone, which is sometimes the only way available. This I am also very willing to do.