My Services

Individual Therapy

Therapy starts with an introductory session where I can start to get to know you and you can start to get to know me, we also work out together what your aims for counselling are and whether I am the right person to work with you. I offer a reduced rate introductory session with no obligation to continue. If you are happy to continue working with me, then we can book further sessions which last 50 minutes and occur weekly biweekly or fortnightly. My approach to therapy is integrative, which means I draw on a number of different theoretical backgrounds. This also means, I may work partly with what's happening for you in the here and now, and partly with the your past, though this depends on what are your aims for therapy are and what emerges during the session. Part of my approach includes seeking to encourage your autonomous decision making, trusting that ultimately you know at heart what is best for you. I also give a very high priority to the quality of the relationship, so I strive to make sure it is collaborative, confidential and safe.